Hi, I’m Christine

I am a successful motivational speaker in London, leading online courses empowering women.

Over the past forty years I have accumulated a wealth of professional and business experience within the beauty and media industries, where I have built successful careers in a predominantly male world.
Now, as a woman in my sixties inspired to embark upon new ventures, I feel uniquely qualified to speak to and support women who are looking to take that same journey at the same point in their lives.

Professional and business credentials

For four decades, I travelled the world pursuing high-profile careers, firstly as an international model and image consultant, and subsequently as a wellbeing speaker and lecturer, media spokesperson, conference organiser and founder-owner of an internationally renowned health and beauty spa.

A wealth of insight and experience

During those four decades I witnessed and played my own part in a seismic shift in the beauty and media industries’ attitudes to women, and older women in particular. I also became increasingly aware of a shift in women’s attitudes and expectations where their own ageing was concerned.

Confidence and a story to share

These experiences and insights have given me the confidence and self-belief to develop my website, my online courses and my public speaking career. I believe that I have a wealth of experience to pass on to other women that will be of genuine benefit to them as they look to move their lives forward and achieve their own personal and professional goals.

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