Hi, I’m Christine

I am what these days is called an 'entrepreneur'... that is (generally speaking) someone who has moved on from corporate employment and went to start their own venture.

Since selling my London based Spa and moving to France to become a conference organizer and radio host, I have become a motivational speaker for women of a ‘certain age’, who still want more out of life.
I am now back in London (most of the time) and enjoying it...


My career spans over 40 years as an International Fashion Model, Image Stylist, Lecture Speaker, TV Spokesperson, Conference Organiser and founder of an award winning Health & Beauty Spa.

My experience of living in Canada, France & the UK and my travels & training have given me the confidence & expertise to work with woman anywhere and help build the exciting Next Chapter in their lives.

I have added a few highlights to the section below – I hope to meet someday… Maybe I see you at one of my lectures?

My lectures should reflect my experiences:
  • Print & runway modelling between the ages of 17 & 45.
  • Moving from Montreal, Canada to both the UK & France.
  • Working for companies in luxury retail and health & beauty.
  • Starting my own businesses in similar sectors and talking about it.

Self-employed or Freelance




Struggling with something...


Enjoying it because of self-realisation